The Whole Woman Center is dedicated to educating and empowering women. We believe that it is in everyone's interest to be healthy and globally aware. We are both local and vocal; a resource in our community that strives to deliver a voice and soundingboard for women of all ages and backgrounds while maintaining our commitment to a natural lifestyle. We are more than just a space-- we are a gathering of sisters. The Whole Woman Center offers a constantly changing class schedule with guest speakers, local farmers, organically-minded restaurants, and demonstrations by artists, writers and health professionals. We host support groups, meditation circles, and have developed a yoga class designed specifically for a woman's body.

We are a health resource. Besides healthy living and wholesome foods, we are the only women's center in the world that specializes in non-surgical management of pelvic organ prolapse. Here, you are a whole woman, a strong woman, and you have everything you need to be well.

Come join us. We are sisters standing by, learning and growing together.